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100 Word Stories

I See Thinking

My friends believed it was a party trick.

It wasn’t.

Strangers would sit in front of me, then begin thinking of something. The thinking energy would spiral above their head to form images that I would relay back for all to hear.

It was fun

Until it wasn’t.

Until the thinking energy would overwhelm me, causing me to stress. People’s hidden thoughts would appear that disturbed me

So, I went to the mountains, to breath fresh air, engulf the natural wonders, to enjoy no external thoughts.

Until I heard something deep beneath the ground.

It was wonderful.

Until it wasn’t.

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Morning conference call

Ralph walks into the kitchen in his shorts, sets up breakfast, glances at his wife and seems to be attempting to remember something through the morning mental haze.

He knows there is something to remember.

He asks his wife “Is that conference call this morning?”


He then asks “So, is that conference call audio or visual?”

She frowns and answers, “It’s visual.”

“Okay, I suppose I should put a shirt on then”


Ralph leaves, fossicks around and returns with a nice shirt on.

“Is this better?”

She looks around, grimaces and says “Put your shorts back on please”

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Perfect first wife

My husband said, “You’re the perfect woman to be my first wife”


He appears serious about the statement.

Is he right?

I have spent years repairing his credit, introducing people to advance his career and increased his self-esteem.

I am perfect for him. Now I felt trapped.

What to do?

I created a personal savings account for myself. 

I went on the pill without telling him.

I shored up my closest friendships.

He did file for divorce. 

He got half of what he knew about, lost his job, became broke and started drinking again.

Turns out he was right.

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